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Order before February 28 to receive Kelainen Darkmantle Wizard.
Ships on March 10.
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Contains: 1 Reaper Miniature, 2 paint brushes, 11 Reaper Master Series paints (full size bottles), Basing material(s), Painting tutorial.

Ultimate minis will make your friends say Wow! These are too nice to play with; you’ll want to show these off on your shelf or in a scene. This box provides you with everything in tabletop, plus the extra paints, base, topping and tutorial needed to get you to the next level painting. Once you’ve mastered this level, you may decide that you have enough skills to go it alone – maybe even to compete! Click here to see what’s in this month’s box.

All miniatures/figures supplied unpainted.

February 2023, Kelainen Darkmantle Wizard
Order before February 28. Ships on March 10.

Included in this month's Box:

Kelainen Darkmantle Wizard Reaper Miniature

11 paints:

  • 9083 Highlands Moss
  • 9493 Gargoyle Grey
  • 9474 Caucasian Flesh
  • 9029 Earth Brown
  • 9084 Pale Lichen
  • 9030 Leather Brown
  • 9475 Maiden Flesh
  • 98550 Crusader Silver
  • 9082 Jungle Moss
  • 9315 Ancient Wood
  • 9317 Moonstone Blue
  • 2 Paint brushes
  • Basing material
  • Tutorial Leaflet
  • Sticker

Includes Shipping!

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You may wish to use a file and Stanley knife to prepare the miniature for painting. For basing your miniature you will require super glue. We do not include files, knives or super glue in the box as they are age controlled items. They can be purchased from any good DIY store. Super glue, files, and Stanley knives are used at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any damage from their use. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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