Death Shroud Box (January ’23)


Reaper Death Shroud. Paints. Two brushes. Painting tutorial leaflet.

Access to the DragonPainter Facebook group, where you can learn and ask questions.

Choose from Core, Tabletop and Ultimate Boxes.

All miniatures/figures supplied unpainted.

Released December 2022.

Do you love minis, but don’t know where to start? Our boxes are the answer!

All boxes include a Reaper Bones Death Shroud — plus

A quad of Reaper paints and two paint brushes. Painting tutorial Leaflet.

8 Paints, two brushes. Painting tutorial Leaflet.

So, you’ve been painting minis a while. You know what dry brushing and a wash is, but you want to make your minis the envy of your opponents on game night. This box is the answer. This box contains everything in Core, plus extra paints and a tutorial needed to help you stand out from the crowd at tournaments.

11 Paints. Base. Basing Material, painting tutorial and two brushes.

Ultimate minis will make your friends say Wow! These are too nice to play with; you’ll want to show these off on your shelf or in a scene. This box provides you with everything in tabletop, plus the extra paints, base, topping and tutorial needed to get you to the next level painting. Once you’ve mastered this level, you may decide that you have enough skills to go it alone – maybe even to compete!

Following along with the tutorial on our YouTube channel. Learn and perfect the core skills needed to make your mini pop.

You may wish to use a file and Stanley knife to prepare the miniature for painting. For basing your miniature you will require super glue. We do not include files, knives or super glue in the box as they are age controlled items. They can be purchased from any good DIY store. Super glue, files, and Stanley knives are used at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any damage from their use. Images are for illustrative purposes only.