Master Series Paints

We stock a wide range of Reaper Master Series Paints. Can't find the paint you're looking for? Ask us!
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We stock a full range of Reaper Master Series Paints. We absolutely love Reapers MSP range!

All paints are acrylic, non-toxic, highly pigmented and water soluble. They all have a matte finish, and excellent flow. Available in 14.78ml Dropper bottles. Airbrush friendly, and perfect for plastic, metal or resin models.

Paint Pick 'n' Mix
Pick 'n' Mix your paints - choose from Bones and Core Colours.  Save money!

MSP Core Colors
Core Colors are designed to work in triads. Case in point 09001-09003: Shadow, Midtone and Highlight so there is no guesswork. Core Colors are a little thinner than Bones and Pathfinder paints. They come out of the bottle ready for blending and layering.

Within the Core Colors, there are Metallics, Clear Paints, Liner Paints and Washes.

MSP Bones Paints
Bones paints are thicker out of the bottle. They provide a one coat application. Designed to base coat right onto the plastic figures, but work great on metal, too.

Within the Bones colors, there are Vivid colours and Metallics.

Pathfinder paints
Pathfinder are a similar formula to Bones, but feature colours that are meaningful to the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo.

Paint Box Sets
Curated Reaper Master Series Paints in a range of colours. Fantasy Flesh - Fair Skin. Fire and Brimstone: Fiery Reds, Hammer and Anvil - Steel Colors as well as High Seas Adventure and High Seas Horror.

Once the base coat is sorted out, all Reaper paints have a very uniform pigment and can be diluted to a wash consistency without trouble. We recommend 09106: Flow Improver. That stuff is magic in a bottle. It's like cheating!