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All our video tutorials can be viewed on YouTube!
A printed tutorial is included in your box.

About Cleaning your model

All minis will have some minor imperfections from the casting process.

If you wish to remove any of the mould lines, you will need to use a stanley knife, a file and some superglue. These are restricted items, and as such, we do not provide them. They can be purchased from any DIY or craft store, and should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. We do not accept any liability for any damage that arises from using these items.

Having said that, please remember that these are restricted items, and can cause harm if not used properly. Please be careful and read the instructions before you use them. Always cut away from you and never apply too much force.


About Reaper Paints

We love Reaper Paints! We know you will too, here is some information about how to use them.

There are three types of Reaper Paints; Core Colours, Bones, and Pathfinder.

Core Colours are designed to work in triads. For example 9001-9003 are a shadow, mid-tone, and highlight. There’s no guesswork. They’re a little thinner and are ready for blending and layering straight from the bottle.

Bones paints are thicker. These paints are designed to base coat directly onto the plastic figures, but work well on metal too. They can be classed as a one coat application.

Pathfinder paints are of a similar formula to Bones, but feature colours that are more meaningful to the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo.

None of Reaper’s paints need thinning. All are ready to use straight from the bottle. Reaper paints have a uniform pigment and can easily be diluted to a wash consistency. You can use water to make your washes, but we recommend using 09106: Flow Improver. Honestly, that stuff is magic in a bottle, it feels like cheating!

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