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Curated miniature painting subscription boxes

From £19.99 a month, our subscription boxes contain everything you need to paint a miniature that you can be proud of.

They also make fantastic gifts for friends or family!

To receive this months' box

September 2022: Masumi, Demon Hunter.
Order before August 31. Ships on September 10.

Masumi, Demon Hunter

Painted by Jimi Black
You can view all our tutorials on our Youtube channel

The DragonPainter Box contains everything you need* to paint your miniature.

  • Core Box

    Everything needed for a basic paint job.
    One miniature, four paints, plus tutorial.
    Perfect for beginners, and those wanting to learn the basic skills.

  • Tabletop Box

    Take things further with everything you need to paint a mini that will be the the envy of your opponents.

  • Ultimate Box

    This is the top level. Everything you need to produce a display quality mini.
    Now you have the skills, let your creativity flow!

Masumi, Demon Hunter, painted by Jimi Black for DragonPainter September 2022 Ultimate box.

* you may wish to use a file and stanley knife to prepare the miniature for painting. For basing your minature, you will require super glue. We do not include files, knives or super glue in the box as they are age controlled items. They can be purchased from any good DIY store. Super glue, files, and stanley knives are used at your own risk. We accept no responsibilty for any damage from their use.


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Core, Tabletop or Ultimate!

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